Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank you & Valentine's Day

I hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday. I hadn't been able to post anything new because my laptop charger messed up. I hadn't had the chance to buy a new one, but I finally bought one today. School has been kicking my butt too. I've had so much work, I wish I could just be a full time blogger... ha ha I wish!

Anyway I wanted to show you guys what I won on Miranda's giveaway. I love this NYX palette I used it on Valentine's day and I can't wait to use it again. Thank you Miranda! Check out Miranda's blog-

 I also won Aggie's giveaway last month and I hadn't showed you guys what I won. I've been using a lot of this stuff too. The e.l.f blushes are my favorite! Thanks again Aggie. Go check out Aggie's blog-


I participated in Melina & Summer's Valentine's Day card swap and I got paired up with Wendy. This is the card that Wendy made me. Cute right? Thanks Wendy! :)

 and this is the card that I made Wendy-

On Valentine's Day my love showed up with a card, roses & chocolate dipped strawberries. I didn't know what to get him so I made him some coupons!
Anyway since I haven't been able to use my laptop I've been on Instagram. I love looking at all the cool pictures! I am so addicted to it right now. Follow me on Instagram- @adrimadrid 

and I just got on Pinterest I'm so new to it, but I'm loving it so far.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! <3