Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes to cucumbers reviews

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Happy Wednesday! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Just wanted to share with you guys what I've been using to remove my makeup. I've used other facial wipes, but these wipes are my favorite. Also I wanted to tell you about the soothing eye gel that didn't really work for me. Yes to cucumbers is one of the five collections from YES TO which is a line of hair and skin care products. The products are organic and made out of vegetables and fruits.

So let me start with the towelettes which come in this really fun green bag. Let me start by saying that I love the scent of these wipes. They really do smell as fresh as cucumbers...yum!  Not only that, but I love how my face feels after I use these. I try to use them every night or when I am feeling too lazy to wash my face. I must say that they leave my face feeling extremely fresh, awake, & clean! The ingredients are amazing and of course organic.

Since I loved the towelettes I decided to try the soothing eye gel by yes to cucumbers. Even though I love the scent and the ingredients, I wasn't satisfied with the product. It's meant to soothe and depuff tired eyes, but I feel like it didn't do any of this. The gel did feel amazing on my skin, but I noticed that my skin was irritated the next day! I wish I wouldn't have spent my money on this, but oh well.

Here are some other products that I want to try by yes to cucumbers-

Have you guys tried any of these products?
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Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Sounds like some great products. I need that for my tired eyes. definitely saying yes! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I feel the Yes to Cucumbers Towelettes did a good job of removing my make up. But they made the area around my eyes burn!

  3. Whoooo. I want to give this a try. Cucumbers sound really soothing and nice right now.


  4. oh my god!
    luck u .. i love Summer!
    i didn't know you had won!
    congrats love ...
    i can't wait for your giveaway to be
    over and see who won hehe :) crossing my fingers!

    i use the equal towelettes from Walmart
    and omg .. cheap cheap cheap and they are
    so good and smell bomb! you should try
    them ... you'll save a lot of money
    and another thing .. i am using this:


    leaves your face so soft and fresh!

    :) let me know if you try it!

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  5. I have heard good things about the wipes. Now that I have heard another I really need to try them out! Great review!

  6. great review, i should try out these products. congrats on winning the giveaway ;-)

  7. I love your blog! You have amazing ideas!
    Follow me, I always follow back :)

  8. I havent tried any of that brand. I might need something for makeup remover and try that out ;)

  9. I use YesToCarrots :)

  10. I tried to use real cucumbers once and got a whole bunch of juice on my eyes. Fail!

  11. love this review! so helpful :)! i defiantely followed your blog! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog? i am only starting out and would love my blog to be as good as yours one day :) xx

  12. i've tried yes to blueberries but i am 100% positive that i will like yes to cucumbers more! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  13. Ohh this post is great! very helpful!


  14. Ohhh! Im so eager to try to the YES to cucumbers. I mean it has to be good for you right- its a veg? If you say try it- ILL DO IT

  15. I've never tried that brand! but it looks really good!

    Glass of Fashion

  16. i havent tried any of these...but i was looking for a good face wipe......thanks for the review!!

    season's greetings


  17. I love those towelettes too! Great and honest review!
    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  18. I am a disaster for skin care, and removing make-up, so I think a good solution to use wipes:)
    happy new year

  19. The makeup wipes sound like a great product. Too bad the eye gel didn't do much for you - I had considered getting it a few times when I saw it at the store.

  20. I've always wanted to try the yes to cucumbers collection. Nice review! You have a really nice blog, we followed!(:

    Olivia from The Glamour Girls

  21. Yay for winning a giveaway, that's awesome!! I wanted to try out these products, so I'm glad you did a review on them! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thanks for stopping by to meet me so I could find your blog. Am a great fan of Burts Bees as am obsessive about lip stuff. Happy new Year, looking forward to visiting your blog loads in the 2012~!

  23. Hm I am always looking for better face wipes as the ones I was using made me break out in a rash! I will have to give these a try, thanks for sharing!


  24. Oooh the body butter looks like something I may have to try!


  25. I love their face wipes but haven't tried any of their other products, I am going to go looking for the body butter and the eye gel. Thanks for sharing!

  26. couldn't find the comment section on the post above but wow you had a amazing New years outfit you rock California socks off !!! thanks for stopping by my blog !!

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  27. I'm actually currently using Yes to Cucumbers' face wipes. I love them. They smell amazing and really refresh my face. :)

    xx Jessica

  28. I love cucumber face mask too, they are so refreshing.

    Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!