Friday, October 21, 2011

Random to do list

Happy Friday! I can't believe the weekend is already here. Ok so here is my random to do list. I am obsessed with making lists! I even make some when I go shopping so that I can focus on the things that I actually need to get. Am I the only one who is into making lists? What about you guys?
I want to wear my leather jackets but this weather is not letting me. I'm starting to really dislike the heat!
I want to be able to sit down and read books that I am actually interested in. All I read is books that are assigned to me at school!
I want to buy a beanie! The other day my sister came to visit from California and she brought her beanie from Urban Outfitters. I've never been into beanies but after I tried hers on I fell in love.
I really need to start eating healthier! During my breaks at school I always end up at McDonald's which is conveniently across the street from my school (not a good thing).

I need more glitter polishes!
I mentioned in another post that I am going to paint my bed set black. It still has not happened and it is really bothering me!

I want to pamper myself by giving myself a pedi this weekend! I love pedis!

Hope you all have a great weekend<3


  1. Gosh! this is such a lovely post, unique blog by the way ;)

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    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

  2. Great post! Yes, I am a list maker too. It feels so good to be able to cross off something because you feel like you accomplished something! Have a wonderful weekend :) Heather

  3. Your pictures are full of inspiration, I can't wait to go shopping this weekend!

    I love glitter polishes, I need a gold one!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  4. Love those glitter polishes, and i too am a lover of lists. haha.

  5. I love that jacket, saw a girl with a similar one and fell in love

  6. no girl your not the only one, i write a list for everything, I'm m a super organized person I'm OCD! and I'm right there with you on the eating healthier and giving myself a pedi ;-)

  7. this post was so cute. kinda makes me want to do the same.
    love the glitter nail polish. and the beanies.

    kaitlin xo

  8. great post! I really want a leather jacket too. That pale pink one is so pretty! Now that you say it, I need more glitter polishes too and more metallics. I realized today that I only buy matte polishes and I don't know why.

  9. I am sooooo with you about wanting to read books other than what is assigned for school and the eating healthier thing. I found myself eating fast food 2 times a day if I was at school all day. Gross! So I found a cute little lunch bag from amazon that was an incentive for me to pack my lunch :)

  10. Fabulous post with great photos!!!
    I just purchased a vintage black leather biker style jacket!!! I love it!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!!

  11. OMG same! So damn tired of reading Shakespeare and all that usual school stuff -.-
    I relly wanna go back to readning my favourite genres :(

  12. loove the leather jackets, they look great!!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  13. I love the glitter polish and the beanies! I need to find a way to keep the glitter polish on, It keeps clipping and falling off :(

  14. awesome post


  15. Nice post with pretty pictures! I recently bought glitter nail polish in bronze and I just love putting it over any other color nail polish I own. It looks so pretty!

    Sparkles And Flare

  16. Lovely pics, I really want that first leather jaacket. I've been looking for a cropped one everywhere and havent found one yet :( xx

  17. I love glitter nail polish. The jackets are awesome! It is so hot over hear I can't wear my leather jackets.

  18. Swooning over that leather motorcycle jacket..its awesome.
    I have a great leather jacket but it has ruffles and is on the sweeter side...I really wish I had a tougher looking one, like what you featured.
    Happy Wednesday

  19. Your not alone, Adrianna. Am crazy list maker too ;)

    And i love that beige jacket...!