Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Steal Nichole Richie's look!

I love everything about Nicole her style is simply amazing. I thought petite girls couldn't wear maxi dresses, I was wrong! In these photos Nichole Richie is wearing a 450 dollar maxi dress by Winter Kate, which is her own fashion line. Nichole adds a cardigan, gold jewelry and a Chanel bag priced at 2,525 dollars, to complete her look. Let's try to steal her look for a much cheaper price! 

photos via

The colors on this maxi dress are much bolder, but still fun for summer. It is also a halter dress just like Nicole's and it's only 40 dollars! If you click on the photo it will direct you to Dorothy, the shop where I found this dress :)

I also found these accessories to complete the Nicole Richie look :) 
Remember, you don't ALWAYS have to shop online! Go snoop around your local second hand stores, you'll be surprised with what you find! I bought a gold vintage bag, identical to this black vintage bag from, BUT mine was only 4 dollars =D